This month’s employee spotlight shines a light on our Head of Global Operations, David Grove


At GPI, people are at the heart of our success and we want you get to know our staff better. This month, the spotlight shines on our Head of Global Operation, David Grove. Dave sat down with us to discuss the diverse nature of his role, the collaboration and variety of life at GPI and his love of cricket.

Job Title

Head of Global Operations

Job Role

My role covers a bit of everything – finance, legal, HR, IT, operations and facilities. However, essentially, I’d summarise it as “Making sure that everyone has everything they need to work effectively and happily”.

Tell us a little about your journey that lead you to GPI…

I started my career as a software developer, developing stock exchange data and trading platforms. A lot of parallels to what we do at GPI – collecting data from disparate, global sources, standardising it and presenting and analysing that data in a way that add vales to our clients.

Then, I moved into a more operations type role with a mixture of project management and service delivery management. I have been lucky enough to survived numerous acquisitions, mergers, re-structures and more that took me from working in a three-person consultancy through to a 50,000 employee giant. My email address domain changed eight times in one ten year period, whilst I sat at the same desk.

After leaving Thomson Reuters, I joined a cyber security consulting company following a chance meeting in my local pub and became their Director of Operations. I learned about a whole new area as well as learning about of the fundamentals of finance, legals etc.

I then considered a career sole-contracting in Operations to help SMEs to grow. While looking for opportunities, I stumbled across GPI online and realised that this role was exactly what I was looking for…

What do you like most about working at GPI?

The variety – I get involved in everything from attracting strategic investment to writing excel macros to perform data comparisons.

What is it like to work at GPI day-to-day?

No two days are the same in this role.

“I love the collaboration between the teams. Everyone is behind the vision of what we are trying to achieve and understands their role and the role of those around them”.

In your own words, what makes GPI, GPI?

The collaboration between the teams. Everyone is behind the vision of what we are trying to achieve and understands their role and the role of those around them. 

What stands GPI out from the rest?

The people and all the knowledge, experience and commitment that they add to the raw data.

What do you do when you’re not working?

I enjoy most sports, but especially cricket – I just wish I was better at it. The current England vs India series also really helps with the comradery with our team in Mumbai.

Best holiday/place you’ve visited?

I love Lanzarote – the dramatic, starkness of the mountains and lava flows as well as some great beaches and restaurants.

Lastly, if you could meet anyone in the World, dead or alive, who would it be?

My boyhood hero … Ian Botham.

A boy hood hero of mine who leapt in my mind to legendary status in the infamous Headingly 1981 test match against Australia. I remember getting a matching Duncan Fearnley bat for my birthday at the end of that season which was my most treasured possession. And then when he made his comeback in 1986 … that mullet!! I had to get one of them too!

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