This month’s employee spotlight shines a light on one our Associate Director, Consulting - Kate Anstee

Kate Anstee

At GPI, people are at the heart of our success and we want you get to know our staff better. This month, our employee spotlight focuses on one our Associate Director, Consulting – Kate Anstee. Kate sat down with us to discuss her involvement in GPI’s latest research and development project, her love for all things food, and baking…

Job Title

Associate Director, Consulting (soon to be Associate Director, Product Operations from January)

Job Role

In my current role, I lead market access & pricing projects within GPI consulting. I am also working closely with the product team to apply my expertise to GPI horizon.

How long have you worked at GPI?

1 year & 3 months

What do you like most about working for GPI?

I love the GPI family. I enjoy collaborating with people with different expertise and have learnt so much from data, developers, customer success, sales and marketing in my time here. GPI is truly a great place to work!  

What has been your favourite project so far?

I have really enjoyed the research and development we have been doing with GPI horizon. Although I obviously don’t want to give too much away, I am really excited at how GPI horizon enables faster and more agile way of forecasting value and price to support our clients compared to traditional payer research. Being part of this solution is an incredible privilege!

I am really excited at how GPI horizon enables faster and more agile way of forecasting value and price to support our clients compared to traditional payer research.

What do you do when you’re not working?

Based off the cakes that I bring into the office I’m sure this comes as no surprise that I enjoy baking. Currently trying out new flavours for Christmas (much to the delight of my family). Is an After Eight cupcake too controversial??

(Yes, we think so Kate). 

Best holiday/place you’ve ever visited?

Oh wow what a question! I have visited so many great places it’s hard to choose. I seem to do either a really hardcore backpacker/activity trip or a lounging on a beach type vibe; there’s no in-between! I think most of my favourite trips have been about the people and the food. Honestly, it’s hard to choose my favourite place.

Cycling around Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam was pretty incredible and would be a top contender; delicious food in off-the-beaten track cafes, welcoming locals wanting to teach you about their culture and rich history all made up for the muscle aches!

Favourite food?

As you can tell from my other answer about baking, I am a bit of a foodie. This is a very hard question as I love nearly all foods and it really depends on my mood. Currently trying to be as creative as possible with vegetables and have been enjoying some delicious homemade soup and breads for lunch. Ok I am getting hungry now…

This would be an easier question for your least favourite food: coriander & parsley. Not sure they can be classed as foods, but they are out to get me and ruin any dish with their earthy soapy taste.

Lastly, if you could meet anyone in the World, dead or alive, who would it be?

This is a hard question, particularly for someone who is useless at names and famous people! If I could meet anyone, I would love to speak to my Grandad so he can see how his faith in me and inspiration has turned me into who I am today.  

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