Global Pricing Innovations

[Webinar] Cell and gene therapies in Europe: Industry’s next frontier

28 September 2022
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Cell and gene therapies (CGTs) offer potential curative and restorative treatments for previously untreatable diseases. This comes at an extremely high cost with some CGTs exceeding one million Euros.

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[Webinar] Introduction to International Pricing & Reimbursement

6 September 2022
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The launch of new medicines is a complex process that requires careful consideration of pricing and reimbursement strategies. This webinar will provide an overview of the mechanisms of pricing and reimbursement that are essential to ensure the successful launch and uptake of new medicines.

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Quarterly GPI Values Awards – Q2 2022

7 July 2022
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At GPI, our work is centred around our FOUR core values: Quality Matters, Sustainability, Authenticity and Collaboration. Every day, our amazing staff go above and beyond for our customers and strive to maintain the high quality standards and values that GPI stands for.

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GPI horizon: How agile value assessment and price forecasting can promote efficiencies and improve market access decision-making

10 May 2022
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Traditional pricing and market access research activities provide insights during a snapshot of your assets journey. Learn how we use payer behaviour analytics to define the relationship between value and price, providing a robust and flexible alternative to determine a value-based price for a new asset.

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