10 steps for a successful market access strategy

Pharmaceutical product launches come with a number of challenges when launching a new drug into the market. Streamlining the launch sequence for an asset is greatly improved with strong data and data analytics, powered by AI.

GPI’s Pulse™ 2.0 pricing and marketing access data analytics platform is designed with powerful near-time pharma data across 95+ countries, standardising disparate data sources, allowing companies to create efficient market access strategies. The GPI pulse™ 2.0 platform is designed to support a successful pricing and market access strategy, throughout the drug lifecycle. The following infographic helps to illustrate how GPI pulse™ collects, standardises and displays the data, to provide all the information your company needs for a successful market access strategy


The best market access strategies are created from the best data, and at GPI, pulse™ 2.0 is at the core of our services, including GPI Consulting and GPI Horizon. GPI provides the data you need, whilst innovative machine learning leverages and cleanses the data, making it easily digestible for successful market access strategies to be created.

At the ‘Verify’ stage the product goes through Quality, verification and Release which assess how the product will perform in the market.  The ‘3-Eye-Checks’ consists of machine algorithms, data analysts and domain experts, ensuring quality and accurate information about the market access strategy, and ultimately better decision making.

The ‘outputs’ stage allows you to see a clear pathway to commercial success. Reports from the data analytics can be generated through intelligent integration, which allows you to see a clear picture. The GPI pulse™ dashboard is flexible, allowing you to connect with your existing systems and provide more intuitive, seamless flow of data.

Finally, GPI consultancy can provide further in-depth market access strategies from early development to post launch. Our pharma industry consultants’ partner with a range of clients, helping to understand the data, and to provide clear, effective market access strategies.