Currently adapting to the new COVID-19 era? GPI can support you in ensuring P&MA continuity

By Dimitra Sotou, Senior Consultant, Pricing & Market Access

Day 1 of official lockdown today, and increasingly more organizations around the globe are facing tighter operational restrictions due to the COVID-19 outbreak – Name it: day-to-day work, restricted travel, team meetings, cancelled conferences, etc.

Disruptors and innovation leaders will almost seamlessly navigate this unprecedented public health crisis and strive to fit the ‘new normal’ despite the high uncertainty.

GPI is proud to remain a trusted and strong partner to rely on even when ‘business as usual’ becomes ‘unusual’ as we hold the capacity and systems to support your needs remotely.

In fact, the circumstances underline our vision that there is need for a data-driven, analytical approach to pricing & market access that does not rely solely on payer input, advisory boards and lengthy engagements.

Instead of postponing or compromising your asset’s success, thinking how you can ensure continuity in your pricing & market access planning and bring confidence back into your decision-making?

GPI can support you and keep your processes running – here’s how:

Get acquainted with our agile, analytical and platform-driven solutions:

GPI HORIZON™ provides a unique approach to price forecasting and value optimisation throughout product development.
GPI HORIZON™ is novel analytical tool that demystifies early price and value, based on multi-criteria decision analysis and robust pricing data, keeping you one step ahead. The scope of GPI HORIZON spans from rapid Business Development & Licensing (BD&L) decision support to early price forecasting and full value optimization towards launch.

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GPI pulse is a powerful, revolutionary way of accessing data-driven price and access insights for the complete market access journey.
Designed specifically with payer thinking in mind to support informed decisions through analytic insights. GPI pulse leverages the latest technology to combine multiple data streams of live price and access events, with expanded data and integrated analytic tools for in-depth analysis of pricing, reimbursement, and regulatory activities. GPI pulse enables users to analyze trends, evaluate product value and create competitive advantages.
Recently, GPI also announced its pioneering partnership with Sisense to empower analytics delivery via a deep search function, tailored dashboards and a brand-new AI exploration feature.

In collaboration with

We package our tools with expert consultant support and tailored services to match your exact needs.

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Join our webinar this Friday to find out how data analytics can be leveraged in price forecasting and value optimization:

Our live webinar on Friday 27th March, at 4pm GMT, will facilitate a disruptive discussion on how data analytics can be utilised to replicate payer thinking and empower price & access decision-making across major markets:

Sneak peek of key questions to be discussed:

  • What are the key challenges in price and access forecasting for early stage assets?
  • What value attributes do payers in US and EU3 consider important?
  • How does payer perception of value correlate with launch price achieved?
  • How can value-price correlation be leveraged to support my asset launch?

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About GPI:

We are leading the way forward with analytical and platform driven price and access solutions – to a future where reliable data insights empower confident strategic decision-making and drive meaningful change in the life sciences market. ​

Quick access to quality insights is the key to understanding global payer needs and setting the right prices at pace. And, when it comes to getting therapies to patients fast, consistently accurate insights are critical. ​

GPI pulse and GPI HORIZON, supported by experienced consultants use robust validated methodology to provide high quality, curated insights on global prices, market access decisions, asset evaluation, value perception and payer behaviour.  ​

We provide an agile, data-driven and future-focused perspective to pricing and market access. As your innovation partner, we will help you make the most of your insights to build strategies, optimise operations and identify market opportunities. With the right tools, insights and know-how, you will make confident decisions to power the future of your business and shape the evolving biopharma landscape.

GPI. Making market access more efficient.

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