“It’s Time For A Prescription Drug Pricing Revolution…”

“It’s Time for A Prescription Drug Pricing Revolution, the consistent aspect of drug pricing in the United States is that the breadth of its variations and fluctuations are inexplicable to the consumer. A recent report by the CTO of health plan group at NTT Data,”. Kumar Srinivas has outlined how the same drug ranges in price from state to state.

The report focuses on three main insulin drugs used across regional areas and how they were differed in pricing. Humalog was on the drug that was most prescribed to treat Diabetic patients and the lowest price option among the three. The study came with a surprise that the same Humalog drug across the three Colorado counties were priced from $18 to $30. The shocking factors comes from that data that showed the prices were higher in communities that could least afford it. This puts the patients in a position where they can’t simply afford the Prescription that could help with their conditions.

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Aggregating disparate pricing data

GPI’s Pulse™ 2.0, with advanced technology and data insights into drug pricing, is built to help pharma companies make better decisions and create sustainable price and market access strategies.

GPI Pulse™ has advanced algorithms, that aggregate disparate pricing and market access data, to provide a more efficient and bespoke pricing strategy. The GPI Pulse™ (pulse can have a link to the pulse page) platform is designed to be used as part of GPI’s comprehensive solution for pricing and market access strategy, but can also be used to create efficient, robust insights as a standalone analytics tool.

Our dynamic value, price, and access analytics platform, utilising powerful algorithms to combine multiple data streams in a way that will give you unique insight into the full market access journey.

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