GPI Case Study

GPI leverages HORIZON methodology to support mid-sized bio-pharma company to optimise multi-indication launch sequence.

GPI’s HORIZON methodology has helped a number of our customers to analyse and define market access strategy. In this instance, GPI was able to use HORIZON methodology to support a mid-sized Bio-pharma company to optimise their multi-indication launch sequence and ROI for 3 Phase II/III assets.

A mid-sized biopharma company sought to optimise the launch sequence of three different phase II/III assets across a range of (orphan) indications and define LCM pricing strategy across key markets to support optimal ROI.

The company was facing substantial uncertainty and mounting pressure from direct competitors and was struggling to:

  • Define the Target Product Profile (TPP) for assets & competitors from a pricing perspective
  • Identify price benchmarks and key drivers for price at a country level
  • Model multiple possible scenarios due to the complexity of the pricing framework, limited access to standardised data, and lack of visibility of competitors strategy and evidence

Step 1. Value price analysis & price forecast model

Step 2. Product Vs. Competitors Price Evolution

Step 3. Key price drivers and optimal business scenarios

Step 4. Mitigation planning & strategy development

GPI performed a value-price analysis against selected Anologue cases & current SOC.

GPI benchmarked regional price evolution against competitors, in potential life cycle & launch scenarios.

GPI identified areas for TPP optimisation and favourable launch sequence scenarios.

GPI constructed proactive plan and strategies to mitigate competitors’ impact and optimise ROI.

GPI enabled the team to define engagement priorities and create a coherent, evidence-based message to socialise throughout the organisation. GPI’s toolkit was integrated with the company’s internal tools, enabling flexibility and the ongoing strengthening, and testing of business hypotheses as the products moved towards launch.

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