GPI Horizon represents the major disruption happening in the consulting industry

A blog conducted by CBI Insights (Killing Strategy: the disruption of management consulting) highlights the disruption of management consulting and how companies are responding, aiming for the perfect consultant/client relationship. The blog describes how technological innovation has driven change in the management consulting industry, disrupting the traditional methods and forcing the consulting industry to change.

The classic frameworks used for strategy are still in use today: 2×2 matrix, the experience curve, SWOT and many more. Technology, however, has changed the way in which the information can be gathered and fed into these models to produce faster, more robust and therefore more effective strategies.

GPI HORIZON is at the forefront of this disruption. Whilst technically not a 2×2 framework, GPI HORIZON presents a whole new way for companies to think about their asset and where to invest the time and money – demystifying payer thinking.

The ideal Consulting / Client Relationship

When the consulting / client relationship is working at its best, the CBI Insights blog suggests that the consultant gives the client: “Information, Expertise, Insight, Execution”. Whilst this is a model easily replicated throughout the industry, only the very best will be able to provide that service effectively.

Source: CBI Insights

This is where the technological disruption is helping GPI HORIZON to lead the way, driving our industry forward. The four key steps suggested by CBI are all based upon the information. Without the right information, the pyramid falls apart. The best strategies and insights can only be drawn from the best information. GPI HORIZON utilises GPI’s dynamic data and analytics platform GPI pulse™, which leverages powerful algorithms, combining multiple data streams, to provide robust and comprehensive market access data.

“Since those days, both internal company data and industry/market research have become more accessible than ever before. Today, knowing the answer to a question like that is table stakes — the differentiation comes in with the depth of further analysis you’re able to do with that data.” CBI Insights

By using the information provided by GPI pulse™ from over 95 markets, GPI’s HORIZON methodology can begin the journey into offering the expertise, the insights and lastly the execution of a pricing and market access strategy.

The 5-step methodology

“One of the conventional criticisms of consultants is that they send generalists into companies to do an expert’s job.”

GPI HORIZON’s 5-step methodology is our unique, structured approach to price forecasting and value optimisation. This approach helps to ensure that GPI can maximise the robust data provided by GPI pulse™, and provide a bespoke analytical approach to pricing and market access.

Developed through over two years of research and validation, GPI Horizon methodology leverages adaptable frameworks to mimic the behaviour of a payer. With this methodology, we provide the ability to systematically identify price and value drivers, empowering our clients to make evidence-based decisions and align their strategy with commercial viability. Unlike traditional approaches, GPI Horizon is agile and adapts as their asset develops or the landscape changes – a unique value proposition that results in robust strategies above and beyond the competition.  .

The CBI Insights blog also highlights that “Over time, GLG found that its investor clients were much more interested in having casual, one-off chats with its experts than in reading its reports” an approach still adopted by leading consultants today, leaving them open to disruptive forces.

GPI’s bespoke consulting services include many client discussions and regular communications, informing the client at each stage of the tailored framework build and taking a collaborative approach to strategy development. Rather than a one-size approach, and providing the client with one, long strategic report, GPI’s methodology and project approach aims to keep the strategy agile. Thus, giving the client an interactive toolkit that can be adapted as their asset develops and inform strategic decisions along the way.

Leading the way in disrupting the industry

The management consulting landscape is always changing with technology, methodology and large firms trying to create inhouse strategy teams. However, the best and most proven consultant / client outcomes are based on the 4-step client relationship (Information, Expertise, Insight, Execution), something that GPI HORIZON delivers in abundance.

Whilst the larger firms can try to create their own inhouse departments, they may not have the data or the information to inform their strategies. GPI’s robust platform offers just that – a comprehensive source of information that is at the core of everything we do. Furthermore, the strength of the strategy comes from the familiarity with building those datasets and knowing how they can be leveraged. The 5-step methodology, GPI HORIZON, capitalises on the strength of that data by utilising industry experts, regular client contact and innovative analytical frameworks. Making GPI uniquely positioned to offer a high quality price and market access consulting experience.

Disruption to traditional approaches is happening all around us, particularly in the market access space, with the need for more efficient, evidence-based, and agile solutions. GPI’s technological and data-driven advances to build successful strategies put them at the forefront of this disruption, finding innovative ways to help our clients achieve global market access and pricing excellence.

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