GPI’s latest innovation, pulse™ 2.0 leads the way for market access and commercial strategy platforms

GPI pulse™ is a dynamic value, price, and access analytics platform, utilising powerful algorithms to combine multiple data streams in a way that will give you unique insight into the full market access journey.

The platform is designed to be used as part of GPI’s comprehensive solution for pricing and market access strategy, but can also be used to create efficient, robust insights as a standalone analytics tool.

What can you expect from pulse™ 2.0?

Packed with new features, pulse 2.0 offers a more intuitive, seamless experience with two powerful modules in one analytics platform. The two modules: GPI pulse™ Insights and GPI pulse™ Projects, combine real-time Pricing & Market Access data and the ability to quickly evaluate and size market opportunities.

What’s more, GPI pulse 2.0 is meticulously engineered to deliver robust pricing and market access insights with enhanced algorithms to:

  • Identify the most relevant analogs for your asset
  • Analyse historical pricing and market access journeys
  • Monitor competitive landscapes with real-time data
  • Evaluate price and access potential for quick go/no-go decisions

What does this mean for the user?

The enhanced user interface makes it easier and quicker to access the right insights at the right time. The enhanced algorithms provide more robust and powerful data analytics, answering key questions on:

Pricing & Reimbursement Landscape

  • What are the price and access benchmarks for your asset and how has price evolved over time?
  • How do prices and treatment costs compare across products, indications, and markets?

Analog Selection & Analysis

  • What are the most relevant analogs for your asset? ​
  • What factors will drive access decisions and what can you learn from historical analog journeys?

Price & Access Potential

  • What are considered best – and base -case price points for your asset?​
  • What is the market potential in EU5, US, and Japan given the existing landscape?​

Opportunity Assessment On-Demand

  • Opportunity Assessment On-Demand leverages GPI’s standard approach to provide ​initial insights into the commercial viability of an asset within 10 days. ​

GPI pulse™ supports the full spectrum of biopharma clients, from top tier pharma to clinical stage biotech. The analytics tools within GPI pulse™ are built specifically with pricing, market access, and commercial strategy teams in mind.

If you would like to find out more about how pulse 2.0 can benefit your pricing and market access strategy, or you would like to schedule a demo with a member of our team, click on the link below.

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