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UX/UI Designer

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London, North Row, 64 North Row, Mayfair, London W1J 5RL

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The UX Designer is the champion of the user, the defender of the branding, and the slayer of complexity. The hardest job that GPI products must accomplish is making inherently complex data accessible to non-analysts. At GPI, the UX Designer is a member of the product team and works closely alongside the Product Managers, Product Owners, and the development team. Responsible for the overall user experience of the application, the UX designer will balance the production of designs for immediate implementation, with more proactive research and wireframing.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Enabling our clients to get the most from our data; empowering evidence-based decision making and facilitating intuitive exploration
  • Designing the UX of our web platforms (GPI pulse™ 2.0 and GPI horizon) – both data-heavy and analytics-driven applications.
  • Building wireframes and mock-ups to test ideas before committing to implementation.
  • Producing graphical assets for our web platform, to be used by our development teams.
  • Writing user stories describing the desired UX of the web platform, to accompany designs.
  • Working with the Product Managers, Product Owners, and other stakeholders to ensure designs are aligned with strategic direction.
  • Undertaking research and working with users to identify potential improvements.
  • Ensuring that the appearance of the platform remains aligned to agreed branding and platform design guidelines.
  • Remain a key collaborator during the development phase, ensuring designs are executed according to your vision and to the standard required.
  • From time to time, supporting other teams through the generation of visual assets (e.g., adverts, infographics, etc.)

Key Subject Matter / Technical Skills:

  • Appreciation of UX techniques with relation to data-oriented products
  • Experience creating wireframes, storyboards, prototypes, and UI specifications
  • Experience in user story writing, customer journey mapping, and related techniques
  • Ability to learn and understand the benefits and limitations of various technology used to build platforms, making appropriate design recommendations across platforms
  • Ability to tell stories with data; forming connections and making it accessible
  • An eye for visual design and a flair for digital expression

Candidate Profile:

  • An enthusiastic and can-do attitude, always looking for opportunities to drive the organisation forward through collaborating with client delivery and development teams.
  • Demonstrable empathy with users from a diverse range of backgrounds and with varying degrees of technical competency
  • Naturally collaborative
  • Takes initiative and willing to offer their own unique perspective and ideas
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Creativity and lateral thinking, to help us make complex data feel intuitive to explore

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GPI Culture

At GPI, the people are at the centre of everything do. We are a diverse, global team that bring different skillsets, ideas and creative thinking to every project.

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At GPI, the people are at the centre of everything do. We are a diverse, global team that bring different skillsets, ideas and creative thinking to every project.

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