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GPI are a diverse, global team that bring different skillsets, ideas and creative thinking to every project. As a rapidly growing organisation, we are always searching for new talent and we are passionate about creating an environment where our employees can flourish in their career.

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We help to drive efficient and effective pricing and market access strategies with our suite of technology and service offerings​.

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Latest GPI Employee Spotlights

Chloe Darvishani-Fikouhi

Chloe Darvishani-Fikouhi

“I also love how a lot of our leaders are from underrepresented backgrounds from all over the World - it's very inspiring and empowering”

Sevcan Cigerli

Sevcan Cigerli

“I had been following GPI on LinkedIn for a while before joining and one thing that stood out to me was the representation of women throughout the company at all levels, particularly the CEO.”

Pramod Mali

Pramod Mali

“The learning opportunities that I have received at GPI are unmatched. If you are at GPI, it means that you will get to learn diverse skills and knowledge.”

GPI Professional Development


LEAP is GPI’s tailor-made employee development program that we apply to every role across the company from intern to CXO.

Built on years of experience from various consultancies, software houses and learning and development experts, LEAP clearly sets out expectations for career progression. The programme is structured around GPI’s four core values, and provides a framework for the support given from us along the way.

LEAP is the backbone of our career development and helps to ensure that we maintain a culture aligned with our core values to ensure a happy, productive and creative team.


Quarterly Values Awards

The Quarterly Values Awards celebrates the hard work and brilliance of our staff in maintaining standards day in and day out, focusing on the GPI four core values: Quality Matters, Sustainability, Authenticity and Collaboration.

Equal Opportunity Employer

GPI are highly committed to encouraging equality and diversity among our workforce.

We do not discriminate on the grounds of age, race, gender, disability, creed or sexual orientation and comply with all relevant UK legislation.

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Our Company Values

At GPI, our corporate values reflect the way we do business, and are at the centre of our work.


Quality Matters

Quality Matters

We concentrate our time and efforts on ensuring the highest possible standard in everything we do. A greater investment on our part, but the positive results and customer satisfaction are worth it!




Our practices and solutions are balanced and ethical, we strive to build a legacy of trust and commitment for the team, industry and patients.




Everyone deserves transparency and authenticity – the pillars of every interaction we have with our colleagues, clients, and partners.




We ensure our offerings have a positive impact on your organization and society.
For us, success is measured by collaborative experiences that transform lives for the better.