Strategies to mitigate global price and revenue erosion within hemophilia

GPI consulting identified drivers to mitigate global price and revenue erosion based on tender strategy, market context and competitor landscape within hemophilia


A large pharma partner has an asset that has been facing generic erosion over the last several years attempting to identify the overall revenue implications and define the global loss of exclusivity strategy. The client also wanted to identify the market share and key success factors to optimise market reach. GPI consulting were on hand to help create an effective market access strategy.

The Challenge

Loss of exclusivity has become an increasing challenge within hemophilia, with several generic competitors increasingly gaining market share globally leading to revenue erosion.

Due to tender driven procurement of hemophilia assets, which results in reduced transparency for decision making, which is further confounded by lack of understanding of market share as generics became increasingly established.

Global reach also presented a challenge with markets adhering to different policies and having different success factors for assets requiring a range of data sources to be considered.

The Approach

GPI consultancy utilises GPI’s price, value and market access analytics platform, GPI pulse™ 2.0 to help power the data-driven approach to pharma market access strategy.

1 – Segmentation Analysis to identify size of market and share of braded vs competitors.

2 – Identification of shared of tendered/contracted Business for asset in question to identify key drivers globally. GPI pulse™ 2.0 has a strong data source from over 95 countries, bringing together disparate data into a standardised format.

3 – At this stage the Final Revenue forecast and recommendations report outline success factors for winning tenders.

The Solution

GPI have leveraged its extensive sources used to develop, track and update the global price sources to extract price trends across global markets and identify the past, current and future market share and therefore revenue implications for the clients’ asset operating within a complex generics landscape.

Leveraging its deep dive methodology within markets, GPI developed key success factors for ensuring reduced revenue erosion and increased asset success across European, LATAM, APAC and North American markets.

If you would like to learn how GPI pulse can meet those needs and transform your value-based market access strategy in Europe and beyond then please book in some time with our experts below. Our agile team of experts can help assist your price and market access strategy.

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