Successfully navigate price and access strategies, commercial optimization, and R&D

Approach pricing and reimbursement strategy from a different angle and gain an additional set of insights based on new methodologies in pricing research.

GPI’s custom solutions are developed to help you make the best informed strategic decisions.

Pricing focused consultants

The GPI consulting team delivers an additional level of evidence to supplement and transform traditional pricing and reimbursement research: data, modelling, and analytics pave the way to create tangible deliverables and tools for price excellence, taking into consideration evolving payer and market demands.


Expertise through focus

With pricing at the heart of everything we do, our expert team is focused on supporting complex research where sustainable pricing is key for your market access strategy

Data and analytics driven approach

We believe that data and solid analytical frameworks can provide powerful answers, and form the foundations of all price and access questions

Supporting you to work more effectively

We help clients cut through the noise in complex competitive areas, turning data into strategy and insights into decisions with tools to optimise processes

GPI consulting expertise

Work with our consulting team, and draw on the strength of diverse skill sets and experience, all focused around pricing, both strategic and operational.

Strategic pricing
Price Due Diligence

Our due diligence projects help clients to build a strong foundation in pricing research, to understand current pricing and competitor environments, as well as future trends and mechanisms in pricing and access. GPI pulse data and analytics strengthen this practice.

Highlight: GPI’s analogue analysis matrix provides systematic analytics-based insights

Pricing & Access strategy

GPI’s innovative pricing methodologies support price finding, positioning, and commercial planning,  from launch sequence to LoE impact mitigation.

Highlight: GPI’s  value-price models  provide clients with another piece to the pricing puzzle.

Highlight: Our “reimbursable TPP” work takes a different approach to designing these key strategic documents

Commercial forecasting

Insights from commercial forecasting can be used in a variety of ways, from revenue prediction and optimisation to strategic decision support and  opportunity assessments.

Highlight: GPI models help clients to prioritise indications for development – our “what-if” scenario analyses are ideal for strategic decision making

Operational pricing
Operational research & tactics

Through our operational support, we work with clients to align and optimising pricing approaches,  strategy, price management and governance.

Highlight: GPI are specialists in world-wide IRP calculation and strategy.

Highlight: To support change we have our proprietary “GPI Price Excellence Assessment” to evaluate operation needs

Operational tools

Tools and models are an integral part in addressing key operational pricing issues, including:

  • IRP analysis
  • Tendering
  • Price management & governance
  • Change and performance measurement
  • Commercial forecasting

Highlight: GPI builds customised dashboards and toolkits and tailors each tool and insight to client needs


Shaping operations for the future: GPI health check evaluations help design frameworks, processes and tools.

GPI supports  organisations to follow, track and evaluate key information: From internal performance and change, to competitor surveillance and market intelligence.

Highlight: GPI uses an established systematic framework to create KPIs and provides the tools and concepts to track and evaluate performance

Shaping operations for the future

GPI’s price excellence framework helps pressure test operations, processes, and tools by applying industry best practices to design optimal working.