Your success is our success

With each unique challenge, we build solutions that are thoughtful, creative, and designed to align with evolving payer and market demands.

We are trusted

Majority of the work we do comes from internal referrals and repeat business. GPI works in a collaborative way with customers ensuring alignment across the project lifecycle

We are data driven

We do not rely solely on one-time advisory boards to gain payer perspective, instead we analyse past behaviour and simulate future payer decisions to support our insights, which we validate through targeted primary research

We are R&D focused

We invest heavily in R&D of new frameworks and methodologies, keeping abreast of latest challenges and focusing on innovation and thought leadership

We keep the big picture

In addition to traditional PMA experts our team also includes ex-payers, tier 1 bank investment advisers, pharmacists, developers and tier 1 strategy consultants to ensure we keep the big picture in mind

GPI Consulting Expertise

GPI is your dependable partner in Strategic Pricing, Market Access Excellence, and Commercial Strategy.

Strategic Pricing
Price Due Diligence
  • We leverage our extensive pricing and access GPI pulse database, our strong foundation in pricing research and our expert team to build a robust understanding of likely asset price points to support strategic price decision making
  • Regular tracking of competitive dynamics as well as future access and pricing trends and mechanisms helps ensure all our price due diligence engagements are timely, reproducible and future-proof
  • For orphan assets we have developed an analogue matrix to provide rapid systematic, analytics driven pricing and access insights, also enabling our engagements to be completed at expedited timelines
Price-Value Forecasting
  • GPI uses its validated innovative globally-focused pricing frameworks such as GPI HORIZON to support price finding, asset positioning, and commercial planning, spanning from launch readiness to assets about to enter loss-of-exclusivity stages
  • Value driver analysis is tailored to meet the differing demands of global payers, adhering to requirements of different payer archetypes
  • We leverage a  “reimbursable TPP” approach, that balances price and value drivers across markets against competitor and analogue TPP profiles to define the optimal price and access strategies
Price Strategy Optimisation
  • At GPI, we work in a close partnership with our clients to ensure our pricing approaches,  strategy, management and governance advice are aligned with client objectives and KPIs
  • We understand that price changes are unavoidable as the asset progresses through launches and even after it becomes established within markets. We therefore developed an IRP, policy tracker, tendering and other bespoke tool-kits to support our clients with advance market planning
  • Working with price data on a daily basis we have also established a range of source repositories to support with net price forecasting across markets, including often challenging geographies
Access Excellence
Access Optimisation
  • We have supported a range of our clients, spanning emerging biopharma to big-pharma, in supporting access planning prior to launch, leveraging our ex-payer team
  • We are uniquely placed to provide robust strategic insights leveraging our extensive HTA trackers and insights database present in GPI Pulse, which enables us to extract global, national and regional insights rapidly expediting project delivery
  • We pride ourselves in our diverse experience, supported access optimisation decision making for assets ranging from ultra-orphan conditions to large oncology blockbusters
HTA Insights
  • Leveraging GPI pulse HTA module, we ensure our market access opportunity assessments incorporate the breadth of payer decision making, ranging from competitor/analogue clinical data used in submission, deep-dive into payer objections to appeal outcome analyses
  • We understand that cost-effectiveness markets requiring health economics considerations present an additional payer hurdle for our clients, therefore our HTA focused engagements ensure recommendations incorporate HEOR evidence requirements in advance
  • Understanding that data uncertainties can have significant implications to payer outcomes, we have developed an uncertainty mapping framework to ensure asset uncertainties are incorporated in decision making early
Evidence Strategy Optimisation
  • We leverage our pricing and reimbursement data to support a deep-dive into your evidence generation strategies to support optimal pricing and access globally
  • We leverage our expert ex-payer and KOL network to validate our findings through targeted structured interviews, ensuring that our advice is data-driven and calibrated to payer needs
  • Using our value-price framework outputs we help identify key evidence gaps and areas for re-prioritisation through further clinical and RWE studies
Commercial Success
Commercial Forecasting
  • Following a deep-dive into price and access data, we incorporate detailed epidemiology data to inform revenue forecasting to support strategic commercial planning
  • Our commercially focussed insights can be used in a variety of ways, from revenue optimisation, strategic decision support to opportunity assessments for business development
  • GPI models help clients to prioritise indications for development – our “what-if” scenario analyses are ideal for strategic decision making
Asset Potential Optimisation
  • For assets targetting a range of indications, selecting the optimal indication is important to ensure maximum asset revenue
  • GPI leverages its ex-finance and top tier strategy consulting team and its proprietary value-price frameworks, like GPI HORIZON to support indication sequencing decision making
  • Robust data driven approaches are necessary to ensure confident reproducible decision making, particularly important when making commercially sensitive decisions
Market Optimisation
  • We support market selection and launch sequence decision making  through robust data driven insights, wedding payer input to detailed data insights and value-price frameworks
  • We stay abreast of latest market developments through thought leadership on past, current and future market trends as continued data collection through for GPI Pulse using proprietary GPI sources
  • We support future focused in-market strategic price and reimbursement recommendations, working in a close partnership with our clients tailoring our analyses meet your needs

We support throughout the product life-cycle

Our diverse team of P&MA experts, ex-payers, bank investment advisers, pharmacists, developers, and strategy consultants will partner with you from early development through post-launch.


Opportunity assessment & indication prioritisation

Burden of illness assessments


Pricing & competitor due diligence / landscape and pipeline research

Healthcare and funding system due diligence, reimbursement pathways

Early HTA and pricing potential / price-access trade-off analysis

Target product profile (TPP) creation and optimisation

Product value, positioning options, patient segmentation & strategy

Price identification and corridor setting; access planning and strategy


Launch pricing, launch sequence and international reference pricing strategy

Launch dashboards and launch KPI tracking

Competitor due diligence, behaviour and tracking


Life-cycle management (indications/franchise)

In-line pricing and market access optimisation

Tender and contracting research and tools

Loss of exclusivity / biosimilar strategy

We strive to make our clients shine

GPI are out-of-the-box thinkers, employing innovative while robust methodologies that have given us highly valuable insights towards our pricing strategy in Europe

GPI had a real collaborative approach and felt integrated into our team to delivery the highest standards for the project

The approach and methodologies were exceptional, and GPI really drove the modelling of the project, working together with our team to quantify into the data and assumptions for the project

It has been a real pleasure to work with the GPI team, we achieved results beyond what we had expected and within the timelines agreed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend GPI and would certainly use them again!

We have traditionally used very qualitative approaches which haven’t always worked, the quantitative approach taken by GPI is far more detailed and answers the questions of the project much more clearly

Going into this project we knew the data out there was very limited as we had attempted this project internally and struggled, however GPI have managed to provide us with exceptional insights which we will be able to take to Global

The net prices calculated for our further indications are in-line with our internal assumptions and have given us very actionable takeaways for our indication expansion strategies

The GPI team are very reactive and provide great support, responding to queries quickly while providing actionable recommendations

GPI have the expertise to provide very accurate and digestible insights and analysis into new areas, especially within areas that our business may not be familiar with