[Webinar] GPI Horizon: Value Assessment and Price Forecasting

At this webinar we explored challenges facing pricing and market access professionals as they look toward several strategic decisions throughout their asset’s lifecycle. We discussed these obstacles and demonstrated how they can be addressed by using GPI horizon – a pioneering value assessment and price forecasting tool. We also demonstrated different use cases which suggested how our value-price methodology could be applied at different phases of development.


  • Why agile value assessment and price forecasting?
  • Introduction to GPI horizon
  • Use cases
  • Demonstration: how we use our technology + consultancy to support our clients
  • Q&A

Details of webinar event

Time: 15h00 – 16h00 (3 – 4pm) BST        |         Date: 9th May 2022


Rachel Jao, MPH
Head of Commercial Strategy

Rachel Jao specializes in technology-driven solutions that drive efficiency and empower decision-making to the pharmaceutical industry. She leverages on her expertise in market access, HEOR and pricing, coupled with data and analytics to achieve commercial excellence.

Kate Anstee
Senior Consultant

Kate’s experience lies within global market access and HEOR. She has supported clients with a range of research, including primary research, to strengthen their brand strategies with evidence. She has directed several projects across a variety of therapy areas, including vaccines, biosimilars, rare diseases, oncology, and immunology. 

GPI horizon webinar

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