ISPOR 2020: GPI presents research on novel indication sequence optimisation tool

AUTHORS: Barkauskaite E, Patel P. Beginning of the week and Day 1 for ISPOR Virtual 2020 today – We are very excited to share more results from our extensive R&D work.

Beginning of the week and Day 1 for ISPOR Virtual 2020 today – We are very excited to share more results from our extensive R&D work.

The infographic below provides a summary of the results of an indication sequence optimisation study conducted across US and EU3 – namely, Germany, and UK.

A novel, excel-based model was constructed to support pricing and effective launch planning of early assets targeting multiple (orphan) indications.

The tool was comprised of two key components:
(a) the price and value forecast component, to understand likely launch price points of the investigational assets and relevant pipeline competitors per indication per market; and,
(b) the a scenario generator component to model likely launch sequence scenarios across US and EU3

The price-value forecast component was based on GPI’s proprietary, GPI horizon methodology, that brings together payer behaviour, commercial pricing data and clinical evidence to provide insightful price and value positioning recommendations.

The scenario generator component facilitated the modelling of all likely launch scenarios where the price evolution of the assets in focus were governed by rules reflecting competitor presence and country-specific regulations.

The outcomes were analysed to identify optimal scenarios and key value drivers for TPP optimisation.

The results of this study have been can also be found in the ISPOR database.

Stay tuned for more thought-provoking content, coming soon!

For more information around this study or around our novel tool for optimal indication sequence, please get in contact with our presenting author, Dimitra Sotou, Senior Consultant , P&MA

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