ISPOR 2020: GPI presents research on innovative framework for price forecasting

AUTHORS: Sotou D, Barkauskaite E, Patel P

Despite the worldwide impact due to COVID-19 pandemic, GPI continues to invest on extensive R&D work leading the way on how data can be leveraged to ensure our partners stay ahead of the curve.

We are very proud to share the strong results of the R&D work behind our innovative product, GPI HORIZON, which is a powerful tool that enables accurate price and value forecasting throughout the asset development lifecycle. GPI HORIZON methodology brings together payer behaviour, commercial pricing data and clinical evidence to provide insightful recommendations to our partners.

The infographic below provides a visual representation of how monthly cost of treatment strongly correlates with GPI’s proprietary value score method; thus, providing a high explanatory power of our framework.

The results of this study have been can also be found in the ISPOR database.

Stay tuned for our second abstract, coming next week!

For more information around this study or GPI HORIZON, please get in contact with our presenting author, Dimitra Sotou