Data API IntegrationAccess real-time pricingand market access datathe way you need it

GPI connect

seamless API integration

Access our data when, where, and how you need it with GPI connect

Our seamless API integration allows you to access our pricing and market access data when, where, and how you require.

Open up endless opportunities to create new workflows, features, and products or integrate with your internal platforms with our data and analytics platform GPI pulse™ 2.0.

Powered by GPI pulse™ 2.0 and connects with all 3rd party platforms.

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Data and services built around you

Data at ideal point of use

Data at ideal point of use

Minimize the need for multiple platforms and allow for better utilization of data by having it available in the places you need it.

End to end support

End to end support

Our development team and data experts are on hand to support you through the entire process.

Minimal manual intervention

Minimal manual intervention

Robust linkages allows for data sets to be easily integrated and refreshed automatically.

Collaboration with preferred vendors

Collaboration with preferred vendors

Our flexibility allows us to work directly with your preferred vendors to ensure a smooth integration on your behalf.

See how integration can work for you

Our use case with Model N below, highlights just some of the ways our integration can be utlised.

External to internal price validation

Stay current with IRP in an evolving landscape

Competitor tracking and standardised cost comparisons

Expert-level business, advisory, and IT services

State Drug Price Transparency Reporting

We cover 15 Therapeutic Areas

Size and scope that continually increases

Countries covered
Rows of drug pricing

Data you can trust, across 90+ markets

Research & Development

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