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GPI Horizon

Agile Value Assessment & Price Forecasting

GPI horizon is a state-of-the-art methodology that powers strategic value assessment and scenario planning

Commercially integrated drug development strategies are critical in supporting better investment decisions. We offer an approach that assesses the potential price and value of an asset by leveraging analytics and adaptable frameworks to mimic payer decisions. It centres around the concept that an asset’s price and access potential is inextricably linked to its perceived value, which differs across markets. This makes GPI horizon perfect for not only price forecasting, but for quick and valuable insights throughout your asset's lifecycle.

See how GPI horizon works by viewing our research example, winner of the ISPOR research award.

Build your price and access strategies based on robust data and transparent analysis

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The business impact of using GPI Horizon

Understand value drivers with validated models

Communicate value assessment with clear, scientific documentation

Foster internal conversations

Support critical decision making with strong cross functional alignment

Empower evidence- based decisions

Bolster your existing methodologies with data-driven forecasts

Align evidence generation with commercial viability

Save time and increase confidence with an efficient, cost-effective, and unbiased approach

Remain agile as your asset develops

Remain agile as your asset develops with continuous scenario planning

The GPI horizon journey

Why was it developed?

Why was it developed?

To provide an analytical approach for continuous and transparent value assessment and drug price forecasting, specifically for early pipeline assets.

GPI horizon is:
Faster  |  Unbiased  |  Agile

When is it applied?

When is it applied?

Early price forecasting
pre-clinical phase 2

Target product profile (TPP) optimization
phase 1-2

Clinical goalpost setting
phase 1-2

Indication prioritisation and launch
phase 1 and beyond

How does it work?

How does it work?

We create a numerical score for the value of an asset and its comparators or analogues, utilising payer behaviour frameworks and robust data.


GPI horizon is offered via custom built platforms for entire portfolios, or on a project basis for individual assets via GPI consulting.

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