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BD&L Early Pipeline

Using the latest technology and robust data sources, GPI horizon delivers rapid value assessment and price prediction

Minimise the risk of bringing new medicines to market

GPI Horizon

Agile Value Assessment & Price Prediction

GPI horizon is a unique platform solution, based on our award-winning methodology, that quantifies an asset’s position in the market

Using the latest technology and robust data sources, GPI horizon delivers rapid value assessment and price prediction to inform: portfolio strategy and prioritisation and investment decisions for early assets. Used by BD&L teams and investment firms, GPI horizon uses adaptable, payer-validated frameworks to minimise risk and maximise commercial success for your asset.

See how GPI horizon works by viewing our research example, winner of the ISPOR research award.


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Webinar: Unlock market access pricing potential

Join our webinar and we will demonstrate how different TPP scenarios and price settings can be applied using GPI horizon to forecast prices and payer-perceived value of an asset, ultimately reducing uncertainty, and making better evidence-supported decisions.

Key use cases for GPI horizon




Rapidly evaluate price and access potential for an early asset

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Systematically prioritise a selection of assets for an optimised portfolio

GPI horizon icon reduces bias

Weigh TPP Scenarios

Weigh TPP scenarios

Weigh up several TPP (target product profile) scenarios to inform strategy

Clinical Hurdles icon

Understand Hurdles

Clinical hurdles

Understand the clinical hurdles required to meet a certain price

Generate evidence

Generate Evidence

Generate evidence

Generate evidence and ehance price potential


Reduce Burden

Value and Access

Reduce internal burden and lengthy contracting

Accurate price prediction for asset evaluation

GPI horizon centres around the concept that an asset’s price and access potential are linked to its perceived value, which differs across markets. One of the key results of the methodology, is accuracy of price forecasting. The GPI horizon methodology research demonstrates the strength of forecasting ability across market-specific value frameworks.

9 percent oncology
6 percent immunology
10 percent orphan

GPI horizon is offered via custom built platforms for entire portfolios, or on a project basis for individual assets via GPI consulting.

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