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GPI pulse


GPI pulse™ 2.0 is a dynamic analytics platform for value, price, and market access insight

We utilise powerful algorithms to combine multiple data streams in a way that will give you unique insight into the full market access journey.

The award-winning platform is designed to be used as part of GPI’s comprehensive solution for pharma pricing and market access strategy, but can also be used to create efficient, robust insights as a standalone data analytics tool.

Our value is not only in the data, but in what we can do with it.

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Why GPI Pulse

At GPI, we like to keep it simple. We focus our GPI pulse™ data analytics platform on four key principles...

Depth & Quality of Data

Unrivalled Depth & Quality of Data

The industry-leading depth and breadth of GPI's data provision, from policy to pricing and access, covers 90+ markets, integrated and standardised into one system.

Meaningful Insights

Better analytics for meaningful insights

Targeted analogue selection, rather than market-wide insights, make GPI pulse™ much more powerful and relevant for optimal decision-making. Data and events are layered, to provide multi-dimensional and deeper insights - built to handle the complexities of market access and commercial success

Faster Decisions

Better insights, for faster decision-making

Our easy-to-use platform, facilitates faster decision-making, based on up-to-date, trusted and robust data from multiple sources to provide consolidated insights and layered visualisations

First-Class Customer Service

Expert-level customer support

Beyond the data, our expert support and product teams value client feedback and maintain a prompt and seamless experience throughout the platform and service delivery

Your customer service is out of this world.

GPI pulse™ is designed to address specific price and access business questions...

Policy Impact

• What is the process for pricing and reimbursement in this market?

• How is International Reference Pricing (IRP) applied in this market?

• Does IRP apply to specific categories? i.e. hospital drugs or vaccines

• What impact would a price change have on other markets?

• What countries should be prioritised for optimal launch sequencing?


Market & Product Insights

• What are the price and access benchmarks for my asset and how has the price evolved over time?

• How does cost of treatment and reimbursement compare across products and markets?


Analog Selection and Analysis

• What are the most relevant analogs for my asset?

• What factors will drive access decisions based on historical P&MA journeys?

• How favourable is the access environment and what challenges might lie ahead?


Price and Access Potential

• How have pricing trends changed over time and across countries?

• What is the market potential for this asset globally, given the existing landscape?

• What are the base and best case price points for my asset?

• How long does it take for an asset to secure reimbursement in particular market?



Size and scope that continually increases

Data Completeness*

*based on P&R data

of data sources

The data you expect and more - easily comparible and user-friendly



Legislative updates impacting P&R (e.g. IRP, price and reimbursement policy), covering 90+ markets, integrated and standardised into one system. 



Official label, regulatory information and launch dates. Regulatory information brings indication-level granularity into our database.



Most of our clients have used pricing databases, seen pricing analytics and indexes, but the level of detail across the supply chain never fails to impress.



Clear distinction between commercial availability, formulary status and indication-level reimbursement. Payer compensation and restrictions at pack, product and indication level. 

Cost of Treatment

Cost of Treatment

Our cost of treatment (CoT) data is unparalleled in the biopharma sector, interpreted by our team of trained pharmacists. Comparing CoT across multiple drugs, in a clear and organised platform.

Value and Access

Value and Access

HTA outcomes and drivers across 25+ countries. Understanding where drugs are being reimbursed, and for which specific populations. 


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We cover 15 Therapeutic Areas

Data you can trust, across 90+ markets

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