GPI launches new unique platform solution, delivering rapid value assessment and price prediction

The GPI horizon solution, based on our award-winning methodology, quantifies an asset’s position in the market – from a clinical, price, and payer perspective

Monday 7th November 2022, London, UK – Global Pricing Innovations (GPI), a leader in price and market access insights, has announced the release of a new platform solution, GPI horizon. Using the latest technology and robust data sources, GPI horizon delivers rapid value assessment and price prediction to inform: portfolio strategy and prioritization, investment decisions for early assets, strategic price and access planning for assets leading up to launch and price revisions throughout the product lifecycle.

What you can expect from GPI horizon

GPI horizon forecasts price and access success like it’s never been done before. Gone are the days of relying on time-intensive payer research and price benchmarking based on arbitrary analogues.

The new platform provides an analytics-powered, agile solution for value and price assessment unlike any other on the market. Backed by award-winning analytics and years of research, GPI horizon optimises your price and access strategy with transparent and robust results that you can be confident in.

  • Take a faster, data-driven approach to pricing and access research, using predictive payer analytics
  • Incorporate price and access considerations early on in clinical development to understand potential and reduce risk
  • Understand your asset’s position in the market from a clinical, price, and payer perspective
  • Weigh up multiple scenarios simultaneously and adapt quickly to landscape changes

“The risk associated with investing in new drug development will only continue to increase, and this creates mounting pressure for a faster and more agile way of working.” Says Preeti Patel, GPI CEO. “GPI horizon directly addresses the needs of the industry, providing a transparent, robust and payer-validated framework to understand relative value in the market for your asset. The agile nature of GPI horizon, means that it can be applied at any phase of the life cycle and across most therapy areas.”

The platform is designed to be used as part of GPI’s comprehensive solution for pricing and market access strategy but can also be used as a self-serve model, with evaluations being completed by the user. This is game-changing for the industry and will help to facilitate instant evaluations through the self-service platform, reducing time and resource need.

GPI delivers innovative price and market access solutions through agile work streams, adapting technology and services to respond to market trends. GPI’s investment in R&D has lead to an expanding portfolio of technology based solutions, centred around robust, reliable data. Now that data and inhouse market access expertise has been transformed into one integrated platform, GPI horizon.

About GPI

Global Pricing Innovations is a price and market access insights company, providing innovative approaches to the biopharma industry. Headquartered London, GPI utilise analytical approaches to provide evidence-based decision support, helping clients to make better investment decisions.

As a team of leading domain specialists, GPI provide high quality, curated and rapid insights.  We are ideally placed to make recommendations on global drug pricing strategy, market access optimisation, asset evaluation, value perception and payer analytics.

GPI’s suite of technology and bespoke service offerings are powered by GPI pulse™, a solution that harnesses the power of technology, data, and collective expertise to produce rapid insights. The team of market access professionals, pharmacists and data specialists leverage the technology to create truly bespoke price and market access strategies, saving clients hours of paid consultancy.

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