With the Updated Stability Programme 2019-2022, Spanish government reinforces healthcare budget control measures

In April 2019, the Spanish government submitted its ‘Updated Stability Program for 2019-2022’ to the European Union, reiterating the commitment to keep the national healthcare expenditure to 6% of the GDP. New and continuing budget control measures targeting the pharmaceutical expense, which comprise 19% of the overall healthcare spending, were outlined in the document. In this article we give an overview of the proposed measures to be implemented by 2021, highlighting the ones with the greatest impact on the pricing of medicines in the Spanish market.


By Joao Ataide – Consultant & Jack Ziomek – Project Manager, Web Platforms.


Actualizacion del Programa de Estabilidad 2019-2022 ‘(Government of Spain – Stability program April 2019)

http://www.mineco.gob.es/stfls/mineco/comun/pdf/190430_np_progrdest.pdf (Accessed on: August 2019)


Informe sobre la actualización del programa de estabilidad 2019-2022 (Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility (AIReF) recommendation on budget



(Accessed on: August 2019)



AIReF – Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility

ATC –  Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Code

GDP – Gross Domestic Product

HTA – Health Technology Assessment

INN – International Nonproprietary Names

RWE – Real World Evidence

USP – Updated Stability Programme