Flexible pricing services

Discover industry trends early and identify new opportunities to align your launch strategy globally.

The GPI pulse team is the perfect accompaniment to your in-house team. Our experienced and knowledgeable team have the specific know-how of country price and HTA systems including local regulatory processes and legislation.


Actionable Insights

GPI pulse provides reporting and analysis that enable companies to make sense of the payer landscape.

GPI’s tailored insights and analysis are designed to enhance decision-making.

By tracking competitor activity, you can understand their priorities, launch sequencing and price positioning

Let us help you understand
  • How does your strategy compare to your comparator or analog or competitor?
  • Are they highlighting new benefits and how did payers value them?
  • Have they changed their pricing strategy or implemented managed entry agreements to gain access?
Impact analysis

Targeted analysis to determine the impact of a new competitor, regulatory approval for a new indication, a positive HTA rating or a change in legislation.

Let our analysts help you make sense of the knock-on impact so you can make the right move and customize your value proposition accordingly.


GPI’s tailored support services improve productivity and effectiveness across functions. Our knowledgeable analysts provide expert assistance with operational price activities.

From building regular reports, responding to queries within a short time frame to price certification support, we provide a unique combination of defined support and flexible services tailored to meet your individual evolving business needs; saving you time, improving your efficiency and maximizing effectiveness.

Preliminary Pricing Strategy

Access GPI pulse to identify competitors, comparators and analogs; let our consulting team help shape your price and access strategy through data-driven, evidence-based techniques to define your price corridor and perfect your value proposition without the need for costly primary research.


Optimize Your Pricing Strategy

GPI pulse provides critical information about an assets journey across its lifecycle. Understand data packages, clinical and economic model considerations that lead to positive or negative reimbursement decisions and the impact on price and access.

Benchmark Your Performance

Measure the success of your global launch according to real data. GPI pulse’s launch benchmarking service provides full analytics on your data vs competitors or internal KPIs. Analyze your strategic impact with intuitive dashboards, customized reports and real-time alerts informing you of launch progress.


Perfect your value proposition

Save money and optimise your time

Better efficiency and collaboration

More time for strategy

Leverage specialist expertise

Protect & defend your strategy

Examples of deliverables

Fast turnaround P&R landscape scans for opportunity assessments

Price certification support for local price changes

Analog analysis for strategic decision support

Competitor price reports for market evaluations

Launch performance KPIs to track success of market entry