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2022 Research

HTAi 2022 - The national pricing and reimbursement process in China, a 2021 update

The Chinese National Reimbursement Drug List (NRDL) was established in the early 2000’s. The list includes drugs that are both fully and partially covered by National Basic Medicine Insurance1. Since the establishment of the NRDL, the health system in China has undergone several reforms that have resulted in changes to the reimbursement process and how new drugs are launched within the market. It is important for manufacturers to understand how such changes impact access opportunities in China. 

Research Type: Research

Resources: GPI pulse™ 2.0, GPI consulting, Price & Market Access Specialists


Due to the different evidence requirements and archetypes of HTA bodies, forecasting the value of a new product is a challenge. Value and price are correlated and can be applied to determine the price of new products. The aim of this study was to forecast and validate the price of darolutamide in England, France and Germany using a value framework approach. This research abstract was nominated in the top 5% at ISPOR!


Research Type: Research

Resources: GPI pulse™ 2.0, GPI horizon, GPI consulting 

The Build Back Better social spending bill recently passed in the House of Representatives on 19 November includes unprecedented drug pricing controls for drugs covered under Medicare, including empowering the program to negotiate prices for up to 10 highest-cost Medicare drugs annually, starting from 2025 for Part D and 2027 for Part B, and establishing inflation rebates that could notably temper the rate of drug price increases over time. This research analysis aims to identify the drugs likely to be targeted by the Medicare negotiation provision of the proposed legislation.

Research Type: Research

Resources: GPI pulse™ 2.0

The call for drug pricing reform in the United States has amplified over the past two administrations and legislation has been drafted, though not passed. IRP and VBP based on cost-effectiveness are leading the proposed reform conversations, however, it is unclear how much impact these reforms would have on actual drug pricing, patient access and affordability, value and innovation. Using an analysis comparing IRP and VBP for 23 drugs across 28 indications as a baseline understanding of the approaches, the panel debated the results and their preferred approaches to reforms in the US.

Research Type: Research & Panel Discussion

Resources: GPI pulse™ 2.0, GPI consulting

2021 Research

HTAi 2021 - Early Pricing & Market Access Forecasting for Orphan Assets

Our research into “Early Pricing and Market Access Forecasting for Orphan Assets – Leveraging a Value-Driven Approach to Price Forecasting” was selected to be showcased at the HTAi conference, as part of an extensive programme for 2021. The research leverages our award-winning GPI horizon price forecasting and value optimisation methodology.

Research Type: Research and Webinar Presentation

Resources: GPI pulse™ 2.0, GPI consulting

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