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Investing in the future

At GPI we are committed to market access strategy excellence and are constantly investing in research and development to continually improve our service. Our goal is to create sustainable pricing and market access strategies, utilising AI for a data-driven approach to bring effective therapies to market, faster.

We are always exploring the use of enhanced AI and machine learning against our extensive data sets to drive innovations and enhance our solutions, particularly price forecasting.

With customers at the heart of everything we do, we collaborate with clients to collect feedback and encourage client input when developing our technological solutions. As a result, we are uniquely positioned to invest in a better future for our clients, for society and for the pharma industry.

Why we invest in R&D

We share your vision of finding a better way of bringing medicines to the market faster by creating finding advancing solutions that promote sustainable decisions. Our approach combines data, analytics, expertise and technology to create integrated solutions and partnerships.

Partner with us and explore new opportunities to optimize your price and access of new assets leveraging the latest thinking and take advantage of innovative solutions that can help you significantly reduce timelines, lower costs, and improve commercial predictability.

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GPI are always utilising our extensive data and inhouse expertise for innovative research. Our latest research (Forecasting for Orphan Assets - below), presented at ISPOR and HTAi takes an analytical approach to asset price forecasting, and price value optimisation, designed to empower pricing and market access strategy.

Artificial intelligence in pharma access and pricing – will it take over from humans or enhance our understanding?

In the next part of our AI series, David Pruce discusses the use of AI in the pharmaceutical industry and whether it can really be used without human input.

Research through the market access lifecycle

Our research works across the drug development lifecycle, shortening key events, making them more efficient and bringing drugs to market faster.

Launch and reimbursement events*

ILLUSTRATIVE timeline: timing, sequencing and precise processes vary across countries and product types
* Not to scale; **where applicable

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