[Webinar] How To Unlock Market Access and Pricing Potential of an Orphan Drug

Orphan drugs are not developed with the assurance of a large return on investment, and drug developers face an increasingly complex environment. Increasingly difficult regulatory hurdles, tougher competition and rising costs are just some of the challenges facing manufacturers today.

Furthermore, orphan drugs face difficulties related to their small patient populations and lack of comparative clinical trials. For payers, the small sample size and limited number of other treatment options provides high uncertainty on the clinical and economic evidence. For manufacturers, navigating the nuances of the orphan drug HTA process in each market, combined with a lack of relevant comparators, makes it challenging for payers and manufacturers alike to make informed decisions about orphan drug pricing and market access.

This webinar will discuss the key issues in pricing, market access, and value assessment of orphan drugs. We will also demonstrate how GPI horizon methodology can be applied to forecast prices and payer-perceived value of an asset within a variety of scenarios.


  • Current and future challenges and opportunities to pricing and market access of orphan drugs
  • Use case of GPI horizon for an orphan asset
  • Demonstration of how different TPP scenarios and price settings are incorporated into GPI horizon

Details of webinar event

Time: 4pm (GMT) | 11am (EST)

Date: Thursday, 08 December 2022


Kate Anstee
GPI Associate Director Consulting

Kate’s experience lies within global market access and HEOR. She has supported clients with a range of research, including primary research, to strengthen their brand strategies with evidence. She has directed several projects across a variety of therapy areas, including vaccines, biosimilars, rare diseases, oncology, and immunology. 

Rachel Jao, MPH
GPI Head of Product Strategy

Rachel Jao specializes in technology-driven solutions that drive efficiency and empower decision-making to the pharmaceutical industry. She leverages on her expertise in market access, HEOR and pricing, coupled with data and analytics to achieve commercial excellence.


Patti Peeples, PhD

GPI Strategic Advisor & Non-executive Director

A former CEO, board member and internationally known keynote speaker brings further value and insight to the board. Dr. Peeples, is a well-respected, industry leader in pharmaceutical market access and corporate growth strategies. She is highly published researcher with over 100 peer-reviewed publications and has served on multiple journal editorial boards, advancing communication of evidence and value assessment for medical interventions.

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